Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Episode 3: Oops



Welcome and appologies for no extra videos

What's On My Needles:

Miriam's bag- Haven't worked on it while I was away, but once you see this episode, I will be working on it again.

Mitered Squares- I was about ½ done thorough the first one when I realized that it really didn't look that great to me. Not to mention that I somehow missed placed the box that had my scissors, stitch markers (thankfully bigbox store bought) and yarn needles. I restarted the square though with the one stitch marker that I still have from that set.

Trip Recap

Don't forget there is a group on Ravelry

Sorry for having multiple clips on this weeks episode. Was coughing and it took me several tries to get this done. So I wanted to get this done with quickly. Don't worry next episode won't be like this (hopefully).