Saturday, January 10, 2015

Episode 6: Attack of the Acrylic Monster



Welcome: Sending prayers to those effected by the attacks this week in France

What's On the Needles: Mitered Square #2 is almost done
Mom's bag #1 (yes I said #1) in the show I explain why she multiple bags

UFO Bound: Miriam's (my sister) bag is offically on hiatus until I finish at least 1 of my mother's bags.

The Spin Zone: Not much spinning done this week, still plugging thorough the fiber. Hoping to have the first ½ done by next week.

What I want to work on: It's growing, in a way in addition to what I've talked about it now consists of the following-
Scarf for Miriam (going to start this after the episode is uploaded)
Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClaure
Dot Shawl by Casapinka
Possibly something for my cousins (not sure what I would make though)

A few of these projects accomplish one of my 2015 goals (as does the bags that I'm making my mom, but I'm counting that as 1 project), so that might be the next think I cast on after I finish everything for my mom.

Possible KAL down the road. Won't likely will happen till May

Looked on Knitter's Review's website for upcoing retreats and these are just a sample of some retreats that are coming up in the next weeks (please note these are not all of them):

Vogue Knitting Live, January 16-18 in NYC
Pins and Needles Retreat January 30-February 1 in Berea, KY
Stitches West February 19-22 in Santa Clara, CA
Ocean City Fiber Fest February 20-22 in Ocean City, MD

Sorry for the slight coughing and small barking (if you can hear it) from my dog. I didn't stop recording in hope it was going to be short, and thankfully it was. Mollie was a good girl about that!