Saturday, January 24, 2015

Episode 8: Knitting in the Car



Welcome and Thank You to all the new viewers! Feel free to introduce yourselves in the Introduction thread on the Ravelry Group.

Off the Needles: Nothing!

On the Needles: The first two projects I've actually been working in the car on quite a bit. Miriam's scarf- have made some solid progress on it. Mom's bag #1- actually ripped it out and restart because wasn't happy with it. Practice sock-Finished the heel flap and turned the heel.

The Spin Zone: Not much spinning this week. Started the second set of singles of the Juja Bee's Red Forest Mushrooms though.

It is so tempting to already ignore one of my 2015 goals and buy more fiber when I'm not done what I'm currently spinning. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet. Hoping to get something on February or March. Also apprently I had thought that my sister had shown a tiny bit of interest in spinning... but I was wrong.

I had hoped to have some crochet to share this week, but didn't even get a chance to start anything. Once I finish Mi's scarf, I'm very likely going to use the rest of the yarn I have left to do something crochet related. What? Not sure yet.

Knitting Planner: This is a spreadsheet that I've been working on for almost 2 weeks (I didn't want to share this last week in order not to break the “chain” of days I knit/spin/crochet). I explain how I do it and talk about the Extra video which will show how to make one yourself (if you are interested) which will be up early next week.

Looking for movie inspired yarn

Right now episodes are only avaliable on YouTube, however I'm thinking of putting the episodes onto a podcast host so those who would like to watch the videos offline can. A good idea? Leave a comment below, on the Episode vid or in the Ravelry group. Also do you like having preview posts? I like writing them up, but worried they take away from the suprisingness of the weeks videos.

Sorry for the camera movement and other things this episode!