Saturday, January 31, 2015

Episode 9: The Snowstorm...that wasn't

Sorry for the blanket, but I was cold today. Also I do talk a little bit too fast, but honestly I didn't have a ton to show.




Mini rant about the weather... again

Off the Needles: Practice sock is done, not perfect but that's okay.

On the Needles: Mom's bag- Guess what got ripped out again? That's right this! Now using Red Heart with Love in the Buttercup color way and 7 needles. Miriam's scarf- switched main colors. Started a second practice sock since socks come in pairs of 2.

The Spin Zone: I did spin a little bit, not much to show this week sorry.

Knitting Planner feedback: Thanks to Lisa Marie on YouTube for saying that she does something simlar with a planner and her phone.

No stash inhancement this week

Question for those who make stitch markers: What size jump/split ring do you use? I really want to start making some in order to open up an ETSY store sometime this year.

Contest: Since there are several KAL's going on currently on podcasts I'm not going to do one here until at least April (orginaly I had said May, but April might be a little bit better). What I want to know is how many KAL's (they don't have to be on podcasts) are you currently participating in?

Please post the number in the Episode 9 thread by Feb 13th. The winner will be chosen at random via Random Number Generator. They will have their choice between a $25 ETSY gift card or a pattern/ebook from Ravelry that is no more then $15 US.