Monday, January 12, 2015

Knitters and Crocheters Roundtable idea

Cross posting this on Never Not Stitching

So this is something that has been in my head for awhile, but wasn't a hundred percent sure how to get it all together. For this reason, I'm putting this onto the blog (2 of them actually) to see how much of a response I would get.

I'm thinking of having at least 3 people (maybe as many as 5), along with myself do a roundtable sometime this month. They don't have to be fellow podcasters, but that would be awesome if they where. I should note though that due to some evening family activities, I will only be able to do this during daytime hours (before 5pm EST US right now, sorry). The roundtable would be pre-recorded and then posted onto the Why I Knit Channel later on.

So here is how this will work:

Contact me on Ravelry. My screen name is Yarntalk, but please note that I only check Rav a few times a day so please allow at least a little time for me to respond.

Use the Title Why I Knit Roundtable and say that you are interested. I will get back to you ASAP. Thankfully even though I'm not on Rav all the time, there is more activity on my part then in past year or so.

We will talk and set a time that everyone can like. Weekends will work for me as well if that is agreed on.

Thanks to everyone in advance for the interest!