Sunday, February 22, 2015

Episode 11: Distractions, what distractions


Show notes:

Welcome, Applogies for the delays and Thanks You's

Contest: Due to no entries, the contest has been cancled. However, there is something that will be happening in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

What's On the Needles: My goal this week is to knit without being distracted. My bag-no progress. Mi's scarf- Not completely done, but have made significant progress. Real socks: working on the guesset decreases.

Frog Pond: Practice sock #2- I was up to the gusset decreases and was almost done, when a needle fell out and well stitches came out. Disapointing... however personally not disapointed overall since I already had a practice sock done. I'm keeping the yarn for other sock techniques I plan to do down the line.

The Spin Zone: Didn't get a chance to ply this week at all! I've been really bad about working on my spinning. My goal for me to getting back to plying once I get back from my trip.

Knitting planner update: Have only missed one day of solid knitting since I started doing the planner. Haven't done everything that I wanted to though.This has been a really good thing for me to use to keep on task.

New York plans: get to at least 2 stores and purchase no more then 3 skeins/balls/hanks at each store, and 2 tools at each.

Next episode will be up either Saturday night OR Sunday night. I will be recording up in CT, but when I upload it will be based on time.

Short episode today, but I just wanted to get it up before I forgot again.