Sunday, March 1, 2015

Episode 12: Seeing Knitting and Crochet Around




A new URL: Yes I decided to buy a url to make this podcast a little more professional.

What's On the Needles: Because I'm away this week, working on one thing and that is my bag made out of Vanna's Choice Toffee and Terracotta.

What's Off the Needles: Nothing due to the trip

The Spin Zone: None due to the trip

Teaching Mi and Mom to Knit: It was diastorious! Niether seemed to be as interested as they had both shown. So I'm thinking that maybe if I have them watch videos they might learn more from there. That's how I learned.

National Crochet Month: I hope to have at least one crochet project on my hook, plus a giveaway which will be announced very soon

New York Trip-
Stores visited: Purl Soho
Times Square

Yarn and Tool Enhancement:
Purl Soho Worsted Twist in Dessert Blue (3 balls)

Next week the podcast will be returning to normal with episodes being recorded and uploaded on Saturdays. Thanks for hanging in with me for the past two weeks.