Saturday, March 21, 2015

Episode 14: Happy Spring?!


Show notes:

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Weather Talk

Thanks to Jen of The Uncreative Crafter who mentioned the podcast on hers.

What's Off the Needles: First sock is done! As I said in the last episode I somewhat screwed up the stich count, so it's not perfect. However, since this is my first pair of “real” socks I'm not angry.

What's On the Needles: Toe up sock has made zero progress, second sock hasn't made a ton of progress because I had to rip it out a few times and bag has made little progress. Also I bought Knitalong:Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa and Martin Brown which means a Barn Rising Square has been started! (More about the actual reason why I bought this book later)

What's on the Hook: 2nd Granny Square is done and switched the colors so that the color on the outside is now on the inside. Will be doing that every two squares. Although haven;t really worked on it, so nothing to show.

The Spin Zone: No plying this week due to the cold I had. Honestly I haven't even open the box in a while since the last episode. Hopefully going to do that this week.

In the Queue: This week my mom had asked me to make something for a friend of my dad's son who is expecting his first child in the summer. She orginally wanted me to make a toy, but I'm thinking a baby blanket might be better. Winter clothes won't really work because the son lives in Florida. Knitalong because other there a few blankets that I want to look the patterns at more closely. I didn't want to buy the book, just for one pattern and looked on Ravelry for other patterns and this book came up.

Stash Enhancement: HD Yarn in NYCSubway

Knitting Planner Update: Had 23 straight days without a fail. Pretty impressed with myself... followed by three straight fails.

I also got a physical planner that is going to be used as my contant producing planner for the rest of the year! It's from Plum Paper Planner

Sheep of the Month for March will come next week.

Easter: Even though I'm Jewish and don't celebrate Easter I thought that I would post a few patterns this week and next week as Easter is quickly coming up.