Saturday, March 28, 2015

Episode 15: It's Saturday Already?



Welcome and Thank You's

Week Talk

What's Off the Needles: Barn Raising Square #1 is done! Less repeats then the pattern suggests, but honestly I got bored of doing it. Still a good size.

What's On the Needles: Bag- no progress, toe up socks- no progress, cuff down socks- started the leg portion hopefully will get the heel done by next week.

What's On the Hook: Didn't get a chance to work on a granny square :(

The Spin Zone: No plying... again

Sheep of the Month delayed until next week

No Stash Enhancement this week (however this is a good thing)

Show News: Extra videos will be going coming over the next few weeks because I will be leaving for FL (again) the week of the 12th. This time though it will be a little bit of a quicker trip then last time as my sister and I will only be there 5 days. Live Show will be coming in April! When exactly not 100% sure, but after I return from FL. Adding to that, a Question thread will be opening on Ravelry a week before the live show, where you can ask me just about anything (within reason of course).

Easter Patterns

Easter Chicken Pattern by Linda Dawkins (free)
Easter Chicken hatched from Egg by Tatyana Korobkova (paid)
Easter Egg Scarf by Molly Matters (paid)