Saturday, April 4, 2015

Episode 16: High Tech, Low Tech Rachel



Welcome and Thank Yous

What's Off the Needles: Nothing!

What's On the Needles: Mom's bag is out of hiatus! Got a little bit done on that. My bag got knitted on a little bit this week, but not really enough to show (planning to work on it big time this upcoming week before I leave), cuff down socks are up to the gussett decreases but haven't started them yet, toe up socks where ripped out and restarted.

Off the Hook: Granny Square is done!

On the Hook: Working on another granny square, want to get at least 2 or 3 more done before I leave for FL.

The Spin Zone: Had to toss the majority of what was plied do to screwup on my part :(. However, still have a little bit to ply. However thinking of keeping the rest of the fiber as singles and then try plying again with my next set of fiber.

Knitting Planner: Spreadsheet is still working, but also adding the Plum Paper Planner (which I show). Hence the title of this week's episode being High Tech, Low Tech Rachel

Sheep of the Month- Corriedale: Sheep breed website, Wikipedia (image is also from Wikipedia)
Etsy Shops that carry Corriedale:

Show News: Yes there will be an episode next week. The week afterwards the episode will be pre-recorded in all likelyhood on Monday afternoon, but will won't go live until Saturday. For that there won't be any shownotes and will likely be short. However stay tuned to next week for more information about that.

Life Stuff:
Heartbreak for my mom
Final Four this weekend! Good luck to the UConn women as they go for their 10th championship. Also good luck to the Kentucky men as they try to complete an undefeated season.
Mom's birthday

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!