Saturday, April 18, 2015

Episode 18: The One Before the Live Show



Welcome and Thank Yous

Housekeeping: I decided to stay with iMovie. Was not happy with the final product with the better quality software. It may have been because the footage was just from a webcam and if it was say from a camera that supported HD, it might have been better. I might try it again in the future... but for now happy with iMovie.

On the Needles: Mom's bag hasn't made much progress this week, a few things had come up (nothing bad) and I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted to. Cuff down socks are now going to be toe up (yep screwed them up again).  These are still HD Yarns in NYC Subway. The toe up socks that I had been working on are now on hiatus. Really hoping to have more to show you for next weeks episode! The OMG Heel I was talking about.

The Spin Zone: Nothing again... next week!

Stash Enhancement: Lollipop Yarn Gripes base in Tweet. This was a semi impusle buy, but at the same time my sister had been asking to knit her some socks and this fits her perfectly.

Tour de Fleece: Believe it or not... it's less then 3 months away. I'm thinking of putting a team together for this year's edition... but maybe it might be better if I where to team up with another podcaster to form a team. Not 100% sure yet, but if anyone is interested in teaming up? Please leave a comment on the episode thread or on this post with your Ravelry name so I can contact you.

Live Show: Don't forget that next week is the Live Show! It's Friday instead of Saturday at 4:30pm EDT. The Question thread on Rav will be open until next Weds (so that I can put all of them in a word file) night prob until about 9:30pm EDT.

Sheep of the Month: Please leave a comment on this week's episode thread on Ravelry on what sheep you want to see for May. I will create a poll that will be up in time for next week's show and will be announced during episode 20.

Episode 20 will be in all likleyhood recorded on May 3rd. This is parially because of the Live Show the week before, the Kentucky Derby which is May 2nd and because I will be in NYC starting the Monday after the live show till the Friday the 1st.

Life News

  • Going to try to grow blueberrys this year
  • Started a writing blog/vlog called I Heart to Write (don't worry this is not going to take away from Why I Knit at all).
  • Spring Cleaning!
  • NYC trip!