Sunday, May 17, 2015

Episode 22: The Worst Knitting Week Ever! (Season Finale)



Welcome and Thank You's

Show News:

  • I have started a Why I Knit Facebook Group (you must get permission from me (or a future fellow admin of the group) in order to join.
  • The KAL doesn't have a starting date quite yet, so it will likley be late June to early July (more the likely early July).
  • The Live Show for July will likely be the 24th, but I will firm that date up as we get closer to it.

What's On the Needles: Socks frogged, got too fancy. Going to restart them using the Nomad's yarn I showed a few weeks ago in Poolside. Mom's bag has been restarted and table runner has made no progress.

What's Off the Needles: Nothing

What's On the Hook and Spin Zone: Another week of failure on my part

Planner Update: I've been good in using and looking in it. However, completing the things that I write inside... well that's a different story.

Life News:

  • Amtrak derailment
  • Complain a bit about the DWTS finale and being sad about the end of American Idol (as a series, but happy about the winner for this season)
  • My allergies suck
  • Super quick NYC trip coming up on my off week and possibly another quick trip the week afterwards too (the second one to see American Pharoah (yes that is the correct/incorrect in real life spelling for the horse)

I want to thank everyone for a great season. I'm going to be using this week off to focus on actually doing some none screwing up knitting. Check back on May 30th! Have a great Memorial Day if you live in the US.