Saturday, June 6, 2015

Episode 24 (2.2): Back in the Swing of Things




What's On the Needles:

Table Runner- Have made quite a bit of progress as I worked on it for a few days this week. Hoping to have it completed by next Sunday.

Mom's bag- Little progress as I worked on it on Thursday, but really not enough to show this week.

My socks- Not quite done the first one like I had orginally planned this week, but making some solid progress. Hopefully will be done by Monday and next week I will have the toe of the next sock to show you.

Stash Enhancement: HD Yarns NYC Subway (again)

Sheep of the Month will be next week

KAL/CAL News: As I said last week, the KAL/CAL will begin on June 27 and go till August 2nd. I would perfer fingering weight yarn being used, but if you would like to use heavier weight you can. There is no pattern connected to the KAL/CAL. Right now the only prize that I'm offering is a $25 gift card from ETSY, if you are interested in donating for the KAL please message me on Ravelry where I'm known as yarntalk.

Instagram: I'm going to try really hard to post several photos this month. Honestly May was a bad timing with me posting zero photos. However it's not my favorite social media website, but understand why people like it.

Shownews: The June 20th (Episode 26) show will be recorded on June 17th. Not sure if there is going to be much shownotes for that one.

Life News:
  • Quiet, but sad week
  • I hope to see a Triple Crown (when I recorded this the Belmont hadn't gone off yet), if not then it just wasn't ment to be.