Saturday, June 13, 2015

Episode 25 (2.3): Knit, Plan and Failure



Welcome and Thank You's

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day!

What's On the Needles: Table runner not done as I expected, but okay with that. Socks making good progress.

What's Off the Needles: Nothing

On Hiatus: Mom's bag had to be restarted again. I'm going to start working on it again once I finish the table runner.

Sheep of the Month delayed once again. This was a busy week of catchup.

Planner Update: This week was I used the circle stickers I have and put times inside them. These where the times that I had put aside to work on a certin project. It somewhat work and even though I'll be heading to FL this week, I plan on doing it again. My new fabric cover is from WoodlandCottage Farm.

Instagram Update: FAILURE!!!

Show News: Next week's episode will be recorded on Weds/Thurs morning (as I will be leaving early afternoon) OR late Saturday night. More then likely it will be sometime Weds and hopefully will be up Saturday evening (it will be late though).

Life News:
  • Congrats to American Pharoah! (yes that is the actual spelling of his name)
  • Hot weather has returned :(
  • FL bound!