Saturday, July 4, 2015

Episode 28 (2.6): Happy 4th!



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Thank you to everyone who is participating in the KAL!

Apploiges for the multiple clips for this week's episode

On the Needles

KAL Socks- Making good progress. I'm using HD yarns in NYC Subway on Hiya Hiya 2.5's.

Table Runner- Haven't worked on it as much as I have liked, unlikey to get it done by Monday.

My Socks- Didn't even touch them this week, hopefully this weekend.

Off the Needles


Qued Projects

Segment will be coming back next week

Stash/Tool/Pattern Enhancement

None, thorought I was going to give myself a late B-day present, but really didn't. I do have something coming though which I will show you on next week's episode. With the possibly of more coming after I head to Michael's.

Sheep of the Month

Will happen sometime this month. Was planning to doing this week, but honestly a few things came up this week that I had to take care of first.

Show News

Mini Diary will be coming sometime this month
Planner update will be in 2 weeks
the AMA (within reason of course) thread will be going up sometime next week that will close Thursday July 23 evening (time to be determined)
Roundtable with other podcasters? (VKN that could double as an episode?)
Show notes format? Like it, Love it, Hate It? Leave a comment in the Episode 28 thread or on this post.

Life News

No fireworks for me
Starting to catch up on podcasts

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th weekend!