Sunday, July 26, 2015

Episode 30 (2.8): Not Live as Planned


Welcome and Thank Yous

I applogize for this not being live. Next Live Show is scheduled for November, but I might make it up to everyone by having one earlier.

On the Needles

Table Runner- No progress

Socks- Had to restart the KAL socks

Mini Diary

Didn't get a chance to work on it this week sadly I'm hopeful to get this done in a few weeks

Planner Update

Will be next week, promise!


Hope everyone is making good progress on their socks! Don't forget that the KAL ends next Sunday, but the threads will be open until next Tuesday.


I am giving away a skein/ball/hank of your choice (I will buy it from Webs). You must post in the Episode 30 Ravelry thread what yarn you would like. The winner will be chosen at random. You have until Aug 14th to enter. I will pick a winner that night and contact them Sunday just before the episode goes live for the week. You can only enter on Ravelry and must be a member of the group (yes I will be checking).

Good luck to everyone!

Show News

NYC/CT bound in a few weeks, that weeks episode will be more like a vlog type then anything. However I will have a haul to show as well.

Next week Episodes will go live on Sundays, but still will be recorded on Saturdays for the forseeable future. For now they will remain weekly, but I'm thinking of going to the every-other week format in September.

Life News

Mom and sister interrupting me

The person whose been taking care of my glasses is leaving

Another heatwave is coming