Sunday, August 2, 2015

Episode 31 (2.9): The Semi Good Week



Social Media:

Thank Yous to Two Tangled Skeins who mentioned me in their Ravelry group (I promise I will be introducing myself ASAP, just been a little to busy with other things)

On the Needles

Table Runner- worked on it a little bit, did another cross of the cables, will have to put the pedal to medal this week

Socks- didn't have time to do that much on them, the KAL socks won't be done :(, but that's okay.


KAL ends today! The Chatter thread will close tomorrow night while the Non Chatter thread closes no earlier then 6pm on Tuesday.


Don't forget to enter for 1 skein/hank/ball of yarn on the Episode 30 thread.

Planner Update

Changed the set-up a little bit. The old one was working, but honestly needed more room for my video section, thus switched that and other section around.

Ravelry 101 (New Series)

The first segment will debut in a few weeks. It's recorded, I just want to record a few more before I put them in episodes.

In addition, I was going to talk about my queue this week, but I'm going to put that off a few more weeks when this segment offically debuts.


Periscope- I'm going to be doing a mini diary of it each day this week (Monday-Thursday). Since Periscope allows for the video to be archived via camera roll, I will share it for those who miss a day on next week's episode.

The next KAL/CAL will be announced next week along with the dates. I'm pretty confirdent in what will be knitting and hopefully many people enjoy it.

The episode in two weeks might be delayed

Life News

It's been a busy week! Helped my mom and sister with something.
Got my passport photo done, but a little worried that it might have to them again
Sad to see Cole Hamels from the Phillies be traded, but knew it was going to happen

 Will be binge watching knitting podcasts this week