Sunday, August 16, 2015

Episode 33 (2.11): On the Road



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Welcome and Thank Yous

On the Needles

Table Runner and Tree Bag are on a one week hiatus due to me being away

Socks- have made some progress this week believe it, even though I was away during the day.


This is your last week to enter the Episode 30 giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, please do so by Friday on the Episode 30 thread. I will be locking it on Friday and reopening it again on Monday for people who would like to make comments on the episode from here on out.

Stash and Magazine Enhancement

Went to Purl Soho and bought a few things.

Cascade220 in both Navy and White
AddiTurbos in US 8 40 in cable

I will show the rest plus my Barnes and Noble haul next week


No Periscope videos on episodes for the foreseeable future thanks to the poll I put up on Ravelry.

Dinosaur KAL chatter thread is up

Life News

Not really going to talk about the trip this time as there wasn't much new to me/my family. However, we did go to a rice pudding place called Rice to Riches that was really good. We also went to Chelsea Market. I also fell over a lightpole (I'm okay) and got angry at a cabbie.