Sunday, August 23, 2015

Episode 34 (2.12): Show and Tell



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Congrats to pocketses. I've already contacted you on Ravelry and asked for what I need. Also thank you to everyone who entered. I will be having another giveaway in November.

On the Needles

This always happens after a trip, my knitting somewhat hits a lull :( So nothing to show this week... but I will have something to show next week. I'm actually okay with that happening though as it was actually a really hot week.

Stash/Magazine Enhancement


Madenlintosh- Tosh Merino in Laurel
Anzula- Squishy in Grace


Interweave Knits- Fall 2015
Knitters Magazine- Summer 2015
Knit Simple- Fall 2015

Stitches Texas is September 17-20 in Irving, Texas

Ravelry 101 series begins next week

Are there any podcasts out-there that promote other KAL/CAL's? Please let me know.

In the social media section, the KAL chatter thread is posted. In addition, those who are intererested in donating prizes please post in the Chatter thread. I will be announcing the prizes that I wil be donating in September.

Live Show in October, the AMA thread will be going up in a couple of weeks

Share Your Projects

We are now on iTunes!, you can search Why I Knit. Please note though that episodes are a little bit delayed right now. Six episodes are currently up, look for more to go up in the next few days. Once I'm caught up, episodes will appear on iTunes 2 days after being posted onto YouTube. An audio version of the the show will launch sometime later this year.

The logo for the Dinosaur KAL/CAL appears at the end of the episode.

Life News

a farewell to Chase Utley

New Orleans/NYC/Rhinebeck Trip (Yes all in one trip)

Solo trip in September! (Hopefully)

Remembering Hurricane Katrina story coming next week, I was debating on weather to break it up into two segements one this week and one next week, but honestly that is a little bit too much.