Sunday, August 30, 2015

Episode 35 (2.13): Remembering Katrina



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On the Needles

Table Runner- Got a new cross done, actually wanted to do a little bit more this week, but very happy that I got something done on it.

Socks- No work, but that's because the Table Runner took prority.

New Bag- Only 1 round, but better then nothing. This will also have a cable in it. The yarn is Caron  (I do say Cason by an accident) One Pounder in Ocean, needles are US 8's.

Tree Bag- No work, but again table runner took prority.

Not Started, but Ready to Go!

Mom's bag

Back to School Knitted and Crochet Patterns

Back to School Pencil Case (crochet) by Rachel Choi (free)
Back to School Pencil Toppers (crochet) by Pure Craft (paid)
Back to School Bookbag (knit) by Melanie Smith (free)
Knitted Notebook Cover (knit) by Marlaine DesChamps (from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant)

More school related patterns

Ravelry 101 Series

This week I go thorough with how to create an account also show you a little bit of the website as a whole.


Photos at the end are from the August Share Your Projects Thread. The September thread will be going up on Tuesday.

Planner Update next week

The podcast on iTunes feedback has been great. Thank to everyone who has talked to me about it. Would you like to see the Extra videos up onto iTunes or should they stay an YouTube exclusive? Please leave a comment in the Episode thread.

Sheep of the Month and On the Hook will be returning sometime in September.

Mini Diary video will go up this upcoming Friday.

Season 2 finale is tentively scheduled for September 20 (will be recorded though Septmeber 19). Even during the one week hiatus, I will be posting episodes that have not been uploaded yet onto my podcast host. That will help with the catchup as well.

Starting to make plans for the Podcast aniversary in November (it will be here before you know it).

Possible Retreat in 2016? If anyone is interested please leave a comment in the episode thread as well (linked above).

Life News

Hearts go out to the CBS station in Roanoke, VA after the tragedy that happened to 2 of their reporters on Weds.

Weather has been super nice this week... which makes me sad about next week's weather reports.

My Hurricane Katrina story