Sunday, November 8, 2015

Episode 40 (3.4): One Year!



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Whats On the Needles

Dinosaur Jr. has made a little progress since I got home.

Table Runner needs to get going again... like soon

No movement on anything else as knitting has somewhat hit a lull (also part of the reason why I'm going to every other week)

Knitting in the News

Knitted Poppies for Rememberence Day (overseas verison of Veteran's Day)

Remembrance Poppy

The Spin Zone

When it comes to spinning I have a love hate relationship. My goal is to really get moving on it again on it. Update next episode could be very likely.


Episodes continue to be uploaded onto the podcast host. Next week should be almost caught up and starting by the end of November should be starting the plan of putting the episodes up two days after they arrive on YouTube.

Happy aniversary! Technically it's next week, but this is the one year aniversary of the podcast. Whoop!

Don't forget that the podcast for the rest of the year is on an every other week posting schedule. There will be one exception to that, but I'll talk about that once we are closer to the date (like at Thanksgiving time).

Life News

Busy with other things

Really need to update my blog (bad Rachel!)

House is finally on the market in NOLA