Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing the Whorl Challenge

I'm going to have a video sometime this week (prob Thursday), but I wanted to share this with you now before I got. So here is the info,

The Whorl Challenge was created as a challenge to spinners to happen during the Spring (Northern Hemisphere)/Fall (Southern Hemisphere). This is also a place where spinners can connect with each other.
The Inaugural Whorl Challenge will take place April 3-24, 2016
How It Works
Everyone will be automatically put into either Team Spindle or Team Wheel depending on weather you will going to be using a Wheel or a Spindle to spin your yarn. On April 3rd, you start spinning whatever you decide to spin. During the Challenge there will be a WIP thread for each team and a week after the challenge begins an FO thread will open (and will remain open a few days after the challenge ends).
While no points will be given out for the amount of yards that will are spun, it is good to keep a yardage count. At the end there will be 4 random drawings (2 for each team) for prizes (more could come after donations).
How to Sign Up
Signups begin today (Nov 30, 2015) and will close March 31, 2016. Please see the sign up form to see what you need to fill out to join.
The forum for The Whorl Challenge can be found here